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17 Things You Need in Your Self Care Routine

17 Things You Need in Your Self Care Routine

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Self-care. You hear it all the time, you see hashtags for it on IG, and honestly you don’t know where to even start, right?

Learning how to take care of yourself is going to be a continuous learning curve. You won’t perfect it the first time around. But, if you make small efforts each and every day, you will find that taking care of yourself will become loving yourself.

And this post is going to help you get started.

We have listed are some amazing self-care tips and ideas for when you don’t know where to start, and even a daily self-care checklist that you can start using today!

How are you going to show yourself some love today?

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Self-Care for Beginners

What is self-care?

Self-care is any activity you do to intentionally promote good emotional, mental, and physical health. It is essentially developing a routine or set of practices that ultimately creates a loving relationship with oneself.

Benefits of self-care

According to this article, the benefits of creating a good self-care routine are as follows:

  • Improved physical health
  • Better productivity
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased self-knowledge
  • Enhanced self-esteem

Not to mention it also helps to reduce stress!

Daily Self-Care Checklist

These are the top 5 things you should ensure you do every single day as part of your self care routine!

1. Get a Solid Night’s Rest

No excuses! Get anywhere between 6-8 hours of continuous sleep to be ready for anything the next day.

2. Eat Something Nutritious

Again – no excuses! Breakfast starts your day on the right foot so make sure you have a little of everything in it so you are energized for the entire day.

If you’re working on changing your diet, start with changing your breakfast foods! Even if you end up cheating for lunch or dinner, start with something healthy for breakfast and work your way through your day!

3. Stretch

Just a simple, easy stretch for your body can really get the blood flowing – making for an even more productive day!

4. Be Thankful

At some point during your day, make sure you count all of your blessings. Write them down or leave them as a voice memo in your phone to reevaluate the good in your life.

5. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Dance, write, sing your little heart out! Whatever brings you joy, make sure you do it today!

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6. Hydrate!

You need to start and end your day with a nice, tall glass of water. Do that at least those two times (and through the day!) and you will start seeing changes in your attitude, weight, and skin!

7. Limit Screen Time

We’re only human and are going to want to compare ourselves to others. Ease up on scrolling endlessly through social media. Also, too much screen time is bad for your eyes!

8. Remember to Breathe

There will be times where your anxiety takes over and you can’t concentrate. Just take a moment to take a few big, deep breaths in and out.

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Other Self-Care Ideas

9. Diffuse Essential Oils

Self-care ideas can include getting educated about little things that can help you in the long run. Like knowing lavender, lemon, and rose oil are amazing to de-stress your life and help you breathe easily.

10. Watch Your Favorite Movie

Are you all about romcoms or does a nice, horror film put you in a good mood? Whatever your preference is, watch your fav movie to get you smiling.

11. Read A Book

Put the social media down and pick up an old book. Or a new one that you have yet to read on your bookshelf!

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12. Bubble Baths

Get a nice warm bubble bath going to destress after a long day. And don’t forget your glass of wine!

13. Meditation

You may know nothing on how to take care of yourself, but meditation can really help get your mind in the right place. Once you get your mindset corrected, you can start with everything else.

14. Make A Vision Board

Start reaching for your goals by creating them! A vision board is the perfect place to start when it comes to wanting to better yourself and your future.

15. Make the Right Choices

Easier said than done, huh? Making the right choices, no matter how small, will start one of the healthiest habits you can form!

So if you know you’re not supposed to be eating fast food, don’t even think about driving past that Chick-fil-A!

16. Order in Dinner

Go ahead. Spoil yourself. You don’t need to do dishes or think about how you just have mac and cheese. Order from your fav place for dinner tonight.

17. Take Daily Walks

Nothing like fresh air and blue skies to clear our minds, right? Sometimes it is the best thing to do to help reset your mindset for the rest of the day.

Now, tell us what you think!

Are you planning on creating or upgrading your self-care routine soon?

Or maybe you’re already the queen of self-care! If, so what are some of your favorite self-care ideas?

Leave a comment below!

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