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20 Things Every Girl Boss Needs in 2020

20 Things Every Girl Boss Needs in 2020

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You’re a hard-working, butt-kicking, cute things-loving girl boss and your workspace and home need to show that to everyone else.

Whether you have your own online business or yoga studio, every girl boss we know needs these 20 essentials to help you stay organized, look cute as hell, and slay every day!


Things Every Girl Boss Needs:

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1. Boss Lady Travel Mug

Girl, have your coffee and drink it, too! Because let’s face it, it’s hard to remember the last time you got to have an entire cup of coffee without it getting cold because life is dragging you into different places! Keep your coffee warm or your wine cold in your handy travel mug that reminds you that you are indeed, a boss lady!


2. Badass Affirmations

Some days, we simply need to be told that we’re doing good. And it’s true for anyone! This book filled with amazing and motivating words of wisdom and wit by other wild women will make you believe in the impossible and most importantly, yourself.


3. Hilarious Gratitude Journal

It may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel most days when you’re a bad ass girl boss like yourself. This gratitude journal made for women who are straight up tired and who love curse words will get you thankful for another day of the life of you!


4. Uplifting Whiteboard Magnets

Jazz up your office space with fun and unique magnet sets. They give a pop of color, a little motivation, and are just plain fun to look at! Not to mention, something needs to hold up your stuff on your boards – so it might as well be cute!


5. Personalized Name Plate

Are you the world’s best boss? Yeah, you are! Get your boss name engraved on a name plate and start acting like the Michael Scott you were born to be! Just remember – you are Beyoncé always.


6. Pop Art Stationary

These fun themed note cards and envelopes are perfect when you need to send customers a thank you note or to make their invoice look a little less scary! Not to mention, it gives you a personal twist on your own branding!


7. Wall Cork Boards

Get the walls in order by getting these adorable sets of wall pop organizers. With a calendar, to-do lists, and a space to hang up all the great ideas you have, you will be ready to get shiz done in no time!


8. A Nice Pair of Leggings

You are on the run – literally! Having that one pair of really nice, quality leggings is going to make the day not only a breeze, but you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. And comfort is really what matters, right?


9. Oversized Sweater

On the topic of comfort, pull an Ariana Grande and get yourself cozied up in an oversized sweater. You work hard all day long, you have no time to be cold or uncomfortable. You do you!


10. Portable Charger

This is probably the one item you absolutely need on this list. You are a babe on the go and you can’t risk your phone or laptop going dead on you. A portable charger fits in any purse and makes life a whole less stressful.


11. Pair of Statement Earrings

Make your presence be known the moment you walk into any room with a solid pair of statement earrings. Our favs are Kendra Scott drop-earrings to give a pop to your outfit. Wear your hair up for more of a “Hey, Mama’s home” statement.


12. Essential Oil Diffuser

Okay, so essential oils can get a weird rep. But you can’t deny that lavender really does sooth you. Throw a few drops of peppermint and lavender oil in this bad boy and let your stresses float away!


13. 2020 Planner

Get the year kicked off right by getting everything organized before it even starts! With as beautiful as this planner is, you’ll feel guilty not writing and getting your life together!


14. Power Jumpsuit

Get your Hillary Clinton on and grab one of these professional and fashionable jumpsuits for every business meeting. You will get everyone’s attention and respect when you come stomping into a room in this!


15. Fashion Watch

You don’t have time to be keeping time. Let this stunning Anne Klein diamond watch be another gorgeous statement piece – not to mention, watches give the vibe that you mean business!


16. Emergency Kits

When it comes to being a woman, we have to go through times that we don’t want to go through. Whether it be wearing our power heels or Aunt Flo coming into town early, prepare for the unexpected with these two emergency kits to help out blisters on our feet and taking care of mother nature.


17. Face Masks

Girl, #TreatYourself. You’ve been hustling and kicking butt for a while now, why not wind down with a glass of wine and a relaxing face mask? Get those blackheads out of here and get your face looking 10 years younger again because girl, you deserve it!


18. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Are you on your phone and laptop all day long like the rest of us? YEP. These blue light blocking glasses are going to be the savior here soon – they prevent further damage to your eyes by not letting the lights from your screens get into your retinas. You’ll thank us later.


19. iPad

Who needs a bulky laptop anymore? With the latest technology from Apple, iPads are your new BFF. They slide right into your purse and you can even add a physical keyboard to it now! Connected to your iCloud, you’ll be able to access all of your files from anywhere.


20. Luggage Set

Since you’re always going somewhere because you are a woman on a mission, you need a durable suitcase and carry on. This 3 piece set matches your personality and is just as excited as you to see the world!


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