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20 Things You Need to Start off 2020

20 Things You Need to Start off 2020

20 things to do before 2020

Welcome back to the Roaring Twenties, baby! This is our time to shine, leave the parties late, and be the center of our own worlds!

2020 is an opportunity to let loose and get a fresh start on life. The new year doesn’t just mean that it’s an actual new year, for many it is a time to restart themselves to get back on track with the lives we want to live.

So, why not start on a high note and get excited about a year filled with endless possibilities?!

Here are 20 things you need to start off 2020 right!

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20 Things You Need to do for 2020:


1. Vision Board

Time to fire up Pinterest! What do you want 2020 to look like for you? Is it the year where you fill up your passport, the year you make a million dollars, or when you meet the love of your life? You have unlimited options to throw on your vision board, baby!


2. Bucket List

When it comes to realizing how fast time goes by, New Years is that holiday that makes you VERY aware of it. Now is the time to make up the bucket list that you have to get accomplished this year. Maybe make 1 item for each month – but really go wild with it!


3. Start Saving For A Dream Trip

Do you find yourself continuously saying, “One day I would love to go there!” Well – let’s make it happen! Starting in 2020, start putting money away for a trip you never thought you would take. Just a few dollars a day can go a long way!


4. Brand New Bed Set

Start the new year with a new bedroom set! A fresh start means a fresh start to everything – including where you sleep. Spoil yourself with new pillows and sheets to start feeling brand new already!


5. Be A Student

Although you don’t need to enroll in school again, find some YouTube videos and start learning a new language, ASL, or even learn about what is going on in our political climate! Stay in the know with the world around you – even look up classes for every day stuff on Udemy!


6. Learn A New Skill

Going off from being a student, be sure to apply what you are learning! Are you interested in learning what it’s like to create coffee masterpieces? Get a new coffee machine and try your hand! Keep practicing what you’re learning to craft a new skill!


7. Create a Routine

A routine is the one commonality among successful people. They do pretty much the same thing every day, at the same times every day. Customize a routine for yourself to allow alone time, exercise, and the ability to have wiggle room in case you’re late for work!


8. An Adorable Planner

Let’s get to planning this new year! A new Kate Spade planner is really all you need for 2020 – get everyone’s birthdays in ASAP and block out time you know you need to ask off for your little sister’s graduation!


9. FitBit or Apple Watch

Let’s talk exercise. It’s on everyone’s New Year’s resolutions so let’s hold you accountable! Your FitBit and Apple Watch will get you moving and active with little reminders through your day when it feels like you’re being….tired. It will also track all of your progress and congratulate you on a day well done!


10. Meal Prep

Another way to stay healthy (and save money!) is to meal prep at the beginning of the week! Plan out your family’s dinners for a few days in advance to keep yourself from grabbing a pizza on the way home. Watch your wallet get thicker and your clothes get slimmer!


11. Print Out Photos More Often

We often don’t take advantage of a photo album or hanging up pictures anymore. But they usually make us happier looking at a physical photo than a digital one on our phones. Throw together some pictures in an album or scrapbook and keep around the house or send to your parents every now and then.


12. Declutter Workspace

Nothing will get your motor started quite like getting your life cleaned up! Get your desk and workspace cleared out so that on days you work from home, you can get started right away with no distractions. Well, less distractions.


13. Go Through Old Clothes + Donate

Who said spring cleaning is just for the spring?! Go through your clothes and see what you absolutely do not wear anymore. If you haven’t touched in it 6 months – it has to go. Donate at Goodwill or your local charity to do a good deed this season.


14. Get A Monthly Subscription

Want a gift that keeps on giving? Sign yourself up for a monthly subscription box where you can get monthly wines, cheeses, or magazines. You’ll have a little something to look forward to every month!


15. Create a Budget

What better way to have a great year than to finally take control of your finances? This is something that scares young people the most and something we tend not to be very adept at. Figure something out for yourself and watch where your money goes more carefully!


16. Do A Cleanse of Some Sort

Whether it be a sober January, no fast food until Easter, or sodas until Summer – cleanse your body from anything bad you have a habit of consuming. You will feel great and proud of yourself for taking care of your body.


17. Host Weekly Game Nights

“What Do You Meme” “Card Against Humanity” and life-size Jenga are all popular games right now amongst young adults. Invite all of your buddies over for a couple of beers and be the host of weekly game nights.


18. #BeKind All Year Long

Make a pledge to the #BeKind movement and actively do something kind every day. This can be for a stranger or someone you know. Regardless, make the commitment to make this world a happier, kinder place.


19. Reflect on What 2019 Taught You

Don’t go into 2020 with regrets, just lessons learned. Move on from the past and leave it there. Bring nothing but positive vibes and the amazing results from obstacles you faced into the new year. Reflect, but don’t regret.


20. Start off 2020 With Loved Ones

What better way to go into a brand-new year with people who have gone through it all with you? Get your midnight kiss or a BFF hug to start 2020 filled with love and joy from those who matter most. And don’t forget the champagne and party packs!



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