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Top 15 Savings Goals to Reach in Your 20s

Top 15 Savings Goals to Reach in Your 20s

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So you’ve been working your butt off but you’re not sure what you should be saving for or how much to save, right?

Well, this post is going to show you how to be smart with your money and some savings goals you should be working towards in your 20s.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the future and keeping a few coins in the bank instead of splurging on brunch with your girls every Sunday morning.

So let’s dive right into how you can be smart with money in your 20s.


How to Be Smart with Money in Your 20s


1. Open A Savings Account

Use direct deposit and get some money taken from each of your paychecks – even $20 a week can add up to nearly $1,000 in a year!

Pro-tip: be sure to send the money directly to your savings via direct deposit so you don’t forget!


2. Learn to Cook

Look up recipes and tutorials so you can experiment with at-home cooking. If you are eating take-out every day or even twice a week, you are spending hundreds of dollars a month.


3. Put Small Things on Your Credit Card

When you buy gas, fast food, or items that won’t break the bank – put them on your credit card and pay it off in the next billing cycle. This will help build up your credit in no time!


4. No Bottled Water

First of all, it is awful for the environment. Second, you waste so much money when you can buy one or two reliable, reusable water bottles and a filter for your home and save a ton!


5. Keep an Eye Out for Discounts and Specials

Whether it be with apps or your local grocery store add, keep your eyes peeled for some awesome BOGO deals or sales happening and only shop during those times.

Shameless plug – Ebates gives you thousands of discounts at stores you already shop at! Plus, if you sign up via our link, you get $10!

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Savings Goals in Your 20s


1. An Emergency Fund

Always keep an account for ‘rainy-day’ emergencies! You never know when your car might break down or you need to replace an expensive peach of furniture or home appliances.


2. A House!

One of the biggest financial decisions we will ever make is buying a house. Whether it’s a small, unpretentious comfy home or an elaborate, expensive house – you are going to have some serious coins!


3. New Home Office

At some point, you will probably have to either do school or work from home, and you will need an upgraded computer system with a scanner, printer, and the essentials (paper, ink, etc.).


4. A “Me Fund”

This is going to be your favorite of them all! Open a separate account for your “me fund” (don’t mix with regular savings!)

This money will be for spending on whatever is important to you that you think will bring you joy. For example, if you want to start buying designer clothing, put money aside in your “me fund” and when you hit your goal, you can buy whatever you want and not feel guilty about it because it won’t affect your emergency fund!


5. A Pet

Everyone needs their own comfort blanket! They may be inexpensive to rescue or buy, but the maintenance and vet care can be expensive.


6. A New Apartment

The deposits alone to move in are often more than we anticipate. Then with utilities and other fees, it can be quite overwhelming.

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7. New Home Office

At some point, you will probably have to either do school or work from home, and you will need an upgraded computer system with a scanner, printer, and the essentials (paper, ink, etc.).

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8. Furniture

You will be moving out on your own soon and having a nice bed and other fun furniture is going to be essential… and expensive.

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9. Car

If you are going to want to drive off the lot in your dream car, you are going to have to put down a couple of bucks upfront.


10. Vacation

Taking small trips are nice and even crucial for our mental health. But in order to take a real ‘all inclusive’ vacation or even a honeymoon, it’s going to take more than just scraping up change out of the couch and sharing the cost of gas with your friends.


11. Business Essentials

If you have a specialty or a goal of opening a business, it will take some serious time and money for startup costs. While perfecting your craft, you should be saving for your dream.


12. A Family

When you are adding not just yourself or a spouse to your family, you will need to be responsible for little, tiny lives. They can be extremely costly and so can pregnancy.


13. Student Loans

We cannot stress enough how important staying on top of your student loans is going to be. Make the payments on time and try to hit those with the highest interest rates first.

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14. A Wedding

We’ve all heard the craziness of ‘over the top’ weddings, so if that is where you are headed – SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!


15. Unexpected Medical Needs

You will never regret having a couple extra hundred dollars laying around in case the time calls for a tooth to be removed or a weird bump to be looked at.


Now, we want to hear from you!

What are you saving for?

Have you hit any of these savings goals?

Have you considered a “me fund”? What will you use it for?

Comment down below and let us know!


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