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Your Guide to Moving Out For The First Time (Checklist Included!)

Your Guide to Moving Out For The First Time (Checklist Included!)

moving out for the first time checklist

The real first step of being an adult: moving out for the first time!

And don’t worry, it is totally normal to be a little freaked out!

This simple guide will help you navigate all the things you need to do as you are getting your own place.

We even included a FREE moving out checklist with everything you didn’t even think of!

With hacks, tips to make your move easier, and money saving secrets, you will feel a ton of stress come off your shoulders in no time!


Tips to Make Your Move Easier

1. Make Sure the Place is Legit

Nothing is worse than pulling up to your new place only to see it is nothing like the description or pics online. Make sure you visit the place, talk to the owners/office on the phone or face-to-face, and always read the fine print!


2. Have A Deposit and a Few Months’ Rent Ready

Nothing will make you happier than knowing you have a cushion to fall back on. Moving is stressful enough on your finances, so make sure that you have that grand move-in total ready beforehand.


3. Give Yourself a Tour of the Neighborhood

Although you may think your new place will be perfect, check out the neighborhood first. Make sure you feel comfortable, have a gas station close by, and be within a solid proximity to your favorite fast food place!


4. Make Sure You Have Renter’s Insurance

Most places typically won’t let you move in without it, but a lot of people tend to forget about opting for renter’s insurance. More times than not, you will have a lot of stress avoided because you have it.

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5. Break Items Down by Room

When you are shopping for your new place, try making a list of what you need for each room. Take a day at a time and shop based on what room you need to get stuff for. It doesn’t need to be done all in one trip, babe!


6. Purge What You Have

If you can live without it then you probably just need to donate it. What is the point of packing stuff that you don’t even need?!


7. Start Forwarding Your Address

Log onto the Postal Services website and make sure that you start getting all of your mail forwarded to your new address. Then make sure your banks, Amazon account, and other subscriptions are adjusted, as well!


8. Start Collecting Boxes NOW!

HURRY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!! Just kidding, but you will for sure need to start being on the lookout soon to avoid any future chaos.


9. Interview Roommates*

*If this applies to you: make sure you have a roommate interview process BEFORE you move in with them. This will make for minimal awkward conversations later.


10. Move-in Party!

Now you can finally apply the exciting part – moving in! Invite some gal pals over for some wine and music as you all move your stuff in. Put each perfectly packed box in its designated room and unpack as you wish!

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Moving Out for the First Time Checklist

11. Make a Game Plan

You first will need to make yourself a timeline and a game plan. Call up all your friends you know that can help you, give yourself realistic timelines when to start packing, and make sure you have given your apartment your notice.


12. Start Packing the Non-Essentials

Painting, books, and all that stuff you know you don’t use on a daily basis needs to be thrown into boxes first and foremost. You may have some anxiety thinking you will need it later but trust us – you won’t.


13. Pack Yourself an Overnight Bag

Sometimes you really can’t move until the very last second. So while all of your essential things are out and everything is still relatively in place, make sure you make yourself an overnight bag just to make sure you don’t accidentally forget your everyday things like your toothbrush!


14. Pack Away the Essentials

Now you can finally pack away your essential items when you have about 10 days left. These are things like bathroom supplies, your everyday clothes and shoes, foods, kitchen supplies, bedroom stuff, and of course, the TV.


15. Throw Away Any Perishable Food/Donate It

People often forget about their perishable foods and it can be gross. Make sure you go throw any old food and throw it away or donate food you know you’re not going to be using or can’t travel with.


16. Make Sure Your New Place Is Ready

Either call up or go to where you are moving to and make sure that everything is set in stone for your move-in.


17. Get a Moving Team Acquired

Time to call every strong guy and gal you know! If you’re trying to save your money then you can opt-in for doing it yourself but be prepared because it’s not going to be easy!


18. Account for Everything

From your junk drawer to everything hidden in the tippy top cabinets – make sure you do a deep dive and account for everything inside your home. Because once you leave, it would be a shot in the dark if you were to get anything back!


19. Clean, Clean, Clean!

People lose many deposits because they don’t clean up properly. Make sure that you scrub the gunk out of the bathtubs and waaay back in the freezer.


20. Return Keys and Paperwork for Deposit

If you have any keys or paperwork that needs to be filled before getting your deposit back, make sure all of that is together so you can go and return all the necessary information that is needed to finalize your move out. If you don’t, you may run into some fees down the road!


Now, we want to hear from you!

Are you getting ready for a big move?

Do you have some more great tips for moving out for the first time that would help our readers?

Leave a comment below!

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